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After working in the advertising and being part of a corporate company I researched and studied the differences between these two worlds from a creative culture point of view. Wrote a book on creativity, developed thinking methods, got a diploma in Design Thinking and Systemic Coaching.

What does being ‘creative' actually mean, is it a skill or a question of talent and can you learn to be creative?

I give TriggerTalks (speed date with your other thinking) 

and ‘Outside the Box’ thinking Masterclasses.

I coach and train creative thinking as a skill for it to become habitual. For more brand and product distinctiveness on any level.

available in Dutch & English


I define two forms of creativity. Repetitive creativity and regenerative creativity. The first is mainly based on subconscious thinking and acting. Simply being creative.
The latter is where we have to think beyond our adopted knowledge, beliefs, theories, truths etc.
In other words, we must recognise and consciously be aware of our ‘Out of the Box’ thinking to be able to transcend to ‘Outside the Box’ thinking.


Igniting creativity is teamwork and is dependant on environment, culture, mindset, frame of mind, goal, information, language, energy, skills, politics, safety, leadership and time. You could say that creative creativity is extremely fragile. That doesn’t mean it’s not easily ignited.
A basically educated and trained team can easily ignite creative creativity and keep the fire alive.


All creative thinking methods force you to think things through or think differently. These methods work during the creative session, but once you return to your 'normal' work, you're often forced back into habitual thinking to continue your usual tasks. I approach creativity training differently than the majority. I start with our creative tool: our thinking. Focussing on opening up the mind, heart, and will, then I train onward thinking and systems thinking.


These are techniques I subconsciously used throughout my career as an award-winning art and creative director. Additionally, I incorporate John Cleese's method, which I've named Take 5, along with a philosophy of Zen master Shunryu Suzuki.


This unique blend of methods, techniques, philosophy, TriggerTiles and TriggerTriangles is the result of many years of analysis, research, reading, attending various courses, and discussions with numerous C-suite members.

Create a 'future proof' company by manifesting and maintaining a constant flow of creative and critical thinking with my Creating a Creative Team Culture Courses, talks and Masterclasses.

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as a speaker

Want to ignite your team?

Book one of my Trigger Talks or Master Classes.

Available in Dutch and English

Feel free to contact me for availability and prices.

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