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Are you ready for an hour of mind-tingling, thought-stretching, agreement-disagreement, surprising, rallying, opening your mind?
But what exactly is the mind? What is thinking?
What are thoughts, and what the heck is creativity? Where does it reside?

Who embodies it?
Why does it exist, and how does it come to play?

experience the firing up of your creative engine

available in Dutch & English

Join Charles as he guides you through an exploration of these questions, throttling your thinking into different directions with triggering insights, quotes, philosophical contemplations,
eye-openers, and stimulating thinking challenges.

Discover how creativity isn't just about ideas; it's about transforming perspectives, embracing innovation, and redefining boundaries and about… clarity. Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the realm of creativity and unlock new possibilities in your personal and professional life.

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-For leaders-
There is little to no creativity without creative leadership. Understand and awaken creativity within yourself and your teams. It’s ready and waiting to do its amazing and energising thing.
You just need to activate it.


- For Teams & companies -

Your creativity is always there, available and accessible whenever you want or need it. It’s not a question of talent, but about the quest to find new answers. 

Say hello to your thinking. 

Say hello to your creativity.


- For companies -

We are in an era of change. Change is what most people dislike. Strange, isn’t it, since most often want something different?
If you want more or want less, you need to change something, right? 

Thinking, along with communication, is the only creative power to effectively change. Let’s start today to create tomorrow.

"There is no change without creativity.

And no creativity without change."

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