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madaga manifesto

source: Charles Hale

It’s natural for parents want to give their children the best possible start in life – and a healthy, balanced diet is absolutely fundamental to raising strong, healthy babies.


Madaga believes that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and nowadays we are better informed than ever about what makes a good, nutritious meal.


Organic ingredients - freshly prepared. No preservatives. No added salt. No added sugar. Just honest to goodness, real food that tastes great.


So it’s our mission to inspire and encourage parents with free recipes and practical tips so they can cook fresh, organic meals for their babies, as soon as they move onto solids. 


Because the sooner a child gets a taste for good, fresh food with nutritious ingredients, the easier it is for them to develop and maintain healthy eating habits as they grow.


Of course, planning meals, going shopping and cooking food from scratch takes time and energy. Time and energy parents don’t always have. 


Madaga thinks that parents shouldn’t have to choose between leading a busy, productive life, and providing their family with a delicious, balanced diet.


So when parents are unable to cook for any reason, we will be their trusted backup service, empowering them to do what needs to be done and making sure that their baby never misses out on a delicious, nourishing meal. 


Madaga’s highly experienced team delivers this unprecedented service thanks to our open, collaborative team spirit and our great passion for food. 


We never stop talking, working and thinking about how we can better achieve our goal; helping babies and toddlers develop a taste for healthy life.

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