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future proof branding, sustainable and durable
strategies and concepts. 

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My extensive national and international experience (32 years) in on-and offline design, branding, strategic advertising, product/service development and innovation enables me to focus on creating or strengthening a brands strategy, proposition, identity and activation. 

Great passion for brands, design and human behaviour. What motivates people. Get them into action. Generating movement/desired behaviour. As a strategist I work with human emotions and triggers. As a creative I translate these emotions and triggers into appealing and motivating propositions, campaigns and communication. Ideas that are omnichannel and future proof. Incorporating the long and short term goals. Concepts that can be translated throughout all the companies communication disciplines. Concepts that allow segmentation to appeal on a individual level. Recognising individual desires, building a relationship and maintaining them. Not selling but seducing.

Strong believer in the power of entertainment. A brand that entertains the needs and desires is a brand that reaches deeper. Triggering positive emotions.

Helping companies move forward with future proof branding and sustainable concepts.


  • 33 Years of experience

  • Expert in creative strategy, branding and marketing

  • Ranked 16th of most awarded creatives in the Netherlands

  • Entrepreneurial and international experience

  • Brand positioning, proposition and brand activation specialist

  • Impact investor business partner.

  • Extensive e-commerce and retail experience

  • Trainer at


"You can own a brand and its identity.

But not its image.

As you only have the ability to influence perception and not control it."

Entertain your customers with your brand values.
Consistent and surprising at the same time.



Start-ups are often born from a product or service idea and lack a clear brand statement. This is even the case with some companies that have been doing business for years. The why, how, what, which offer guidance and goals on many levels, are often not defined. I help formulating the companies differentiating why how what and brand manifesto. In close collaboration of course.


I co-create with companies on different levels. From brand development to campaign concepts. From product development to customer journeys. Creating seamless on- and offline brand experiences. In the roll of a consultant or a hands on interim creative director. Assisting to realise the chosen strategic route or campaign. Working closely together ensuring internal adaptation.


As a former creative director I have coached many talents with all my dedication. Not telling them what to do but guiding them to their next creative and innovative level. Triggering different thinking. Tackling complicated situations and assignments. I have continued doing this as a coach and consultant. On the spot, at my office or remote. Want to know what I can do for your creativity or your business? Or on a personal level as part of your talent development program. I also train whole teams and companies on creating a creative culture. Developed a creativity masterclass and creating a creative culture course. Discover how you can unlock your and your companies full potential at


Investment success is mainly influenced by three key factors: people (quality of management and team), product (price and quality of product and design) and promotion (quality of presentation, marketing and communication). I work with impact investment companies and scale-ups to discover the brand and product potential presentation, marketing and communication wise in very early and advanced stages. Creatively advancingbusinesses to the next level and helping investors make choices. Want to learn about the options and where I can make a difference? Fill in the form and I will contact you asap.


If you or your company values creative thinking and innovation. Or you want to develop a more creative culture. To motivatie and activate creative thinking amongst different disciplines within your company. Or want to learn more about branding and its effect. Book a customised & interactive session on creativity or branding. Fire starting new ideas and possibly new ways of approaching problems and challenges. For large or small groups. You can also make my session part of your in house academy.



  • BookSpot – e-commerce – name, brand design, webshop

  • AH Hamsterweken – retail – concept and execution

  • Dutch Charity Lotteries – fundraising/e-commerce – rebranding, campaigns

  • Killon Beauty – retail/e-commerce – name, brand development, brand design

  • HEMA Beauty – retail – shop opening/introduction

  • HEMA Deli – retail – name, department design

  • Madaga – retail/e-commerce – brand development, webshop


"Brands that share their sustainable culture 
and knowledge, really make change

Strongly unique brands can share and help others without fear.
Making them socially stronger.



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Brand & Business accelerator

Freelance strategic marketing & branding creative

Advisor for established brands, start- and scale ups.

Creating a Creative Culture

Creativity Lecturer, Key note speaker & Trainer,
Creative Director coaching

Creative Consultant

Freelance brand & communication consultant


 2017 - 2019 


Creative Director Novamedia

Managing creative & innovation director BookSpot (80 fte’s). Direct report to C-level

 2013 - 2016 

Charity lotteries/Novamedia

Creative Director

Creative Director/Team lead creative department (26 fte’s)
Direct report to MD and close working relationship with CEO

 2007 - 2013 

&Co Concepting

Founding partner/Creative managing director

Team lead to 5 fte's.

 2009 - 2012 

Call for Action

Associate strategy & Communication Director

E-commerce and online brand building.

 2007 - 2012 

Riverbank Enterprises

Managing Creative Director / Co-founding Partner

Up-market Jazz club & events

 2004 - 2007 

Creative consultant

Freelance & interim

Worked for international advertising agencies and advertisers.

 2003 - 2004 

Creative Director / Management

Creative director on key-accounts and leading and guiding junior teams.

 1996 - 2002 

Freelance Art / Guts & Glory

Freelance & founder

Worked for international advertising agencies and advertisers.

 1992 - 1996 

TBWA\Direct Company

Creative Director

International/National Accounts and team lead.

 1988 - 1992 

Dart Design

Studio employee & designer

Mock-up, Design, Graphic Production and Account

 1983 - 1986 

Y&R/Cato Johnson

Darkroom employee

Running reproduction photo studio




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I am available on freelance, project, interim base. 

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