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  • Charles Hale

Entertain the brain!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Most retail, e-tail and businesses are becoming boring. Online and offline. Browsing and buying things or services is about inspiration and (self) indulgence. Satisfying a need or interest. I seems most shops and businesses have forgotten about this. Instead of adding unique brand value they tend to copy other successful websites and focus on funnels. Of course there are some great examples out there. Indeed, some! And luckily for the some out there this is the case. Making them stand out more. Less competition.

So again, I am not talking about having a great interior or website design. Not about having good photography. And not about having a cool designed banners or windowdressing. This is relatively easy. I am talking about your WHY and HOW. Are you still applying and translating your core reason and motivation in your formula and communications. Are you creatively inspiring, entertaining your staff and audience with it? Now please answer this question carefully and truthful to yourself. Because the truth will help you. Bring you back on track and most likely distinguish your brand from others.

Lets try something

WHY did you or the owner start your/its business, shop or formula? And HOW did you translate this? With the products you offer, design and communications. Try and go back to the days you where drawing up your plan. Recall the energy, emotion and passion you felt back then. And if you are an employee or director, recall the same feelings/emotions when you applied for the job. Your WHY and HOW that you work there. Take an moment and visualise and feel...

Cool. Now look at what you are working on and your or your companies plans.

Are the WHATS on par with the/your WHY and HOW? Are you going to intelligently and creatively entertain you audiences brain? Tickle their senses. Trigger their emotions. Convince them that you are the place to be and buy from. Are you going to seduce and sell brand and product? Or just tell and sell? Which one is more fun for you and your audience?

There are absolutely no guarantees in life and business. So be brave, be different, be entertaining, be the brand you want to be! This attitude will result in clients in stead of customers.

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