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  • Charles Hale

Sow, nurture and grow

Creating and embedding change is an organic process. You plant a seed (idea), give it water and light (nourishment and motivation) and give it space to grow (time). These are 4 forward factors for successful change. Idea, nourishment, motivation and time. Nothing more, certainly nothing less.

If you impose change it will cost. If you nurture, motivate and give time to adopt change you will profit profoundly. Unlocking energy, creativity, innovation, and loyalty. And attracting more of this business goodness at the same time.

It may feel and seem like a long process. But the right and relevant communication and guidance will give you ballistic results. Minimising and even ruling out resilience.

The 4 forward factors will accelerate organic creativity, flexibility, innovation and growth in people and business.

Future-proofing change.

Pick a seed (idea), start sowing and nurturing. And see how your idea will turn fruitful in surprising ways. If you allow it to grow!

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