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  • Charles Hale

Heart & Belly business

Have you ever bought something from either a store or someonethat gave you a strange or negative feeling? Even when you thought you really wanted it or the price was spot on?

Or the because the presentation was so brilliant.

Your subconscious, your heart and belly, play a major part in the decision making process.

Presentation is half the sell. You probably know this all ready. But we tend to forget this element when we present our work or product to our audience. Often focussed on our story and communication. Communicating on a conscious level to the conscious mind. But while doing this you are communicating on a different level! You are also communicating to the heart and gut.

To sell to the heart and belly- actually the subconscious mind- you need switch on your own intuitive subconscious. So you can creatively and emotionally relate and seal the deal.

There is a relatively simple way of achieving this. Become a beginner again. Set aside all the rules, insights, experience, knowledge and fear (fear you should always set aside). Creating an attitude of openness, of eagerness, and lack of preconceptions. Also known in Zen Buddhism as Shoshin, a beginners mind. They relate it to studying. And that is actually what we do in marketing. We study markets, target groups, opportunities, communications concepts, propositions etc. So it's ideal when creating a strategy, concept or preparing a presentation. This will help you to see and look at every angle. Angles you, over time and through acceptance, have become blind to. Why because we know how certain things are routinely done. Knowledge and experience often sets us back instead of moving us forward.

Triggering your beginners mind will activate your captivating creativity, passion and energy.

Both internally and externally.

Work with your heart and belly and present to the heart and gut.

Wish you much succes and fun with your heart & belly business,

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