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Manifest the manifesto

Updated: May 1, 2020

I have developed multiple brands. Sometimes starting from zero, many times re-inventing/thinking the brands identity and brand communications for renowned brands. And nearly always the company could't reproduce from the heart what the companies WHY and HOW was. Nor the mission, vision and strategy. The WHAT sure. But not what the WHAT was based on. I even worked with a company where the employees couldn't even tell me what the three letters, the brand name, stood for. I kid you not!

Do you know your companies mission, vision and strategy by heart? Did you ever read the companies manifesto? Probably your company does not have a manifesto as most companies don't. And if they do? That is a major plus! Because a manifesto is the most powerful brand document out there. Let me explain.

The power of a brand manifesto

The absolute power of a good brand manifesto is emotional and rational inclusion and motivation. It incorporates the companies DNA, WHY, HOW, WHAT and WHO. It explains it all in a storytelling maybe even poetic way. With the ability to reach deep and resonate with the readers believes, experience and values. It simply has the power to really connect. A good brand manifesto communicates and resonates with everyone. No matter what your relation is with the company. Also for those who don't have an relation yet. It filters. It always connects even if the reader doesn't feel a connection with what is says.

Look up your companies manifesto. See if it resonates with what you are working on and what you believe in and stand for. Share it. And even better manifest it!

And if your companies doesn't own one. And you feel/understand the power it offers your brand and your daily work, strategies, communications, making choices, hiring new people, working with suppliers and freelancers etc. Then let's talk!

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