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  • Charles Hale

You are good company

Updated: May 1, 2020

As a member of your family and society we have responsibilities. Responsibilities that mostly come naturally. Some are shared and do together, some you do alone. You give and receive with different reasons. And sometimes things are a little out of balance. Hey but that's okay. Because you know that balance will find its way back. You are conscious, live responsibly but not restricted, are loved and know how to return love. Are environmental active and motivate others. You know when you smile, even strangers, you are most likely to get a smile back. Which gives you energy, reinsurance and motivation.

Can a company be like the above? Can a brand carry the same personality? Act the same way and be a member of society? Give from responsibility, act consciously, with empathy and love for the well being of her clients and environment? And more compassionate

Give me one good reason why not! You are probably coming up with multiple reasons because of how your company is or/and your leaders are. But are they true reasons? Some are, but I guarantee most aren't.

Start today optimising or changing the way you work, the way your colleagues work, the way your company works, the way your brand acts and communicates. Be that company and you will become that brand. Start small changes or changes within reach. With things you and your colleagues close to you can do or change today. Prepare a persuasive reason. Use your motivation and passion to convince. Do not enforce your thinking. Sell it with facts and figures. And do it together. For a better future of your company and the world it is 'living' in.

What you give is what you get.

Have fun!

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